HBD Series Hybrid Inverter

Statcon Energiaa’s Grid synchronized range of Solar Hybrid Inverter is an advanced 4 quadrant bidirectional inverter that helps meet the power demands of residential / industrial sectors in developing nations. It consists of state-of-the-art ruggedized active front end inverter along with high efficiency Single / multi MPPT charge controllers. Using this system excess PV power generated can be exported to grid (grid sync mode) and at the same time back up can be provided for critical loads via battery storage (Standalone mode). It comes in all capacities and battery voltages to cater to all kinds of applications. It can be used both as standalone or Grid synchronized. Remote monitoring over RS 232 / RS 485 and GPRS based web monitoring is available.


  1. Works in grid Synchronisation as well as standalone mode
  2. Excellent yield from solar through MPPT Single/Multi charge controller
  3. Synchronisation with both Grid and DG
  4. Available in all capacities and battery voltages
  5. 100% imbalance in case of 3 Phase inverters
  6. Regulation of grid supply at load end possible
  7. No derating in capacity upto 50 degrees

Battery 48V 96V 120V 120/240V 240V 240V 240/360V
Inverter capacity 1-3KVA 4-8KVA 4-8KVA 10-25 KVA 25-50 KVA 50-100KVA >100KVA
Phase 1P 1P 1P 1P/3P 3P 3P 3P
O/P Voltage 230/415V AC ± 2% (±15% in grid synchronized mode)
Output Frequency 50Hz. ± 1% (± 3Hz. in grid synchronized mode)
Islanding Provided
Power Export Facility Excess power export facility available
Max. DC voltage 165V 320V 320V 320V/620V 620V 620V 620V/750V
MPPT Upper Range 137V 266V 266V 266V/515V 515V 515V 515V/623V
MPPT Lower Range 66V 132V 165V 165V/330V 330V 330V 330V/495V
Input Frequency 50 Hz. ± 3Hz.
User Interface 128 – 64 Graphical Blue LCD with Backlight Membrane Keypad
Protections Inverter Over voltage
Inverter Over Load / Current Limiting
Inverter Over Temperature
Mains Under / Over Voltage
Mains Under / Over Frequency
Battery Under Voltage
Anti Islanding (for grid synch mode)
Temperature compensation for VRLA battery charging
Battery type supported Lead Acid Tubular, VRLA, Ni-Cd, lithium ion, Flow Batteries
Monitored system parameters Battery voltage, Current & Temperature
Inverter voltage & current
Mains Voltage, Current & Frequency
PV Voltage, Amps & KWH
System Mimic & Faults
Communication Port Rs485 / GPRS Based
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